task kodu programming 30 do the following you must read the specification very well 4961898

Do the following:
* You must read the specification very well in order to avoid any
misunderstanding and further revision due to the lack of time.
* You Must to send a file explain how you did some of the hard trick
so that I must present the game to the class!
1. Create and design an original game/simulation/animation using
2. The application does not have to be a finished one but must
meet the following requirements:
a. Have a business context.
b. 4 other objects apart from the main character or actor must be
movable objects, or at least experience physics.
c. The actor/character/player must interact with at least two
other objects (these objects can be clones of each other
but have different value properties. For example, In KODU,
KODU can interact with other objects by shooting objects,
be hit by objects, or speak to objects, etc, …
(must have human character instead of Kodu character.( you
need to send an email how you did that because I need to
explain it to the class)
d. Each object you use must have several properties with values
that are not just default values. For example, change the
size, colour, or other similar properties.
e. Make sure you demonstrate in your program at least two
examples of different control structures.
f. Make sure you demonstrate in your program the following
programming concepts: events, class, modules, subroutines, or variables where appropriate. For example
KODU does not use variables but has a form of a subroutine.
g. Create an environment for the player or main actor/character
in your game environment. For example, a landscape for
your game, animation, or simulation.
BE creative!
h. There must be at least one main objective to the
game/animation/simulation. For example, in KODU, grab
10 apples before your enemy can get to you. Document or
give a description of your game in the world settings and
when you save the file. Your file name should include your
group name with the number 3 (the group name is Robot
GO!). You also need to select what Tags to describe your
i. The objective of the game needs to be bitcoins related.
Files created are submitted to blackboard in your group folder or the
Assignment e-Box. If a separate file cannot be saved ensure you
include a URL, login, and password to your tool so it can be accessed
and marked by your lecturer.

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