1 what c loop type is described as pre test conditional 2 define the term interation 5346412

1.What C loop type is described as pre-test conditional?

2.Define the term interation.

3.What does a finction prototype tell the complier?

4.Does a function prototype come before or after main in a C


5.Why might a programmer create a user function?

6.Why might you create and use files in your program?

7.What statement in C is used to open a file?

8.Write a single C statement that will create a FILE structure

variable named out. Assume that all other needed code is


9. Write the single C statemen that will open a file named

myfile.txt for output. Use the FILE variable out. Assume that all

other coded needed is present.

10.What C statement is used to close a file?

11.Write the single C statement that will close a file opened

using FILE variable named out.

12.If you want to read strings of text from a file would it be

better to use fscanf() or fgets()?

13.What is an array?

14.A string is an array of char that is NULL terminate. Decribe

or define NULL.

15.Write the single line of code needed to define a single

dimension array of integers name myarray.The array should have five

elements. Assume that all other code needed is present.

16.If you have a five element array of integers, what is the

number (index) of the first element?

17.If you have a five element array of integers, what is the

number(index) of the last element?

18.An int array was defined as int thisarray[20]; Write a single

line of code that will assign the value 10 to the second element in

the array. Assume all oter code needed is present.

19.Does C permit an array to be used as a parameter if a user


20.Define structure as used in C.

21.Define array bounds checking.

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