1 type in command to assign the value bob to the variable first name 2 test if the v 5346883

1. Type in command to assign the value Bob to the variable $first_name.

2. Test if the variable $city equals Greenville. If it is true print “you are in Greenville.â€. Otherwise print “you are lost.â€

In the essay box create an IF statement the will perform the following

3. Write a for loop that initializes the variable $j to 12 increases by 3 every time through the loop and stops looping when $j is grater than 12. The script block should contain a cmdlet that prints the value of $j to the screen.

4. The following code should print out all the items in the $drives array.

Review the following for each stamen and complete the statement.

5. Create an IF statement that will perform the following: test if the variable $age is less than 24. If it is true print “you are young.†Otherwise print, “you are old.

Pretest 5

6. Which regular-expression qualifier matches the end character?

7. Type in the command to assign the value 15 to the variable $building.

8. The cmdlet imports comma-separated value files in the format-produced bye the Export-CSV cmdlet and returns object that correspond to the objects represented in that CSV file.

9. the cmdlet Performs an operation against each of a set of input objects.

10. Type the command that will assign http to the second element in the $web array

11. the cmdlet Gets the items and child items in one or more specified locations.

12. which of the following regular-expression equalizers marches the beginning characters.

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