1 the body of a function is contained in braces t or f 2 the parameter list or argum 5346398

1. The body of a function is contained in braces. T or F

2. The parameter list (or argument list) contains all objects used by the function. T or F

3. In a call by calue, a funtion cannot change the value of a function argument

4. A static object is declared inside a funtion but it retains its value from one reference call to anouther T or F

5. Which of the following is a valid function definition statement>

      a. function cube (double x)

      b. double cube (double x)

      c. doubel cube (x)

      d. cube (double x)

6. In a function call, the function arguments are seperated by

      a. commas

      b. semicolons

      c. colons

      d. spaces

7. the definition of the statements in which an idenrifier is know (or can be used) is its

       a. global.

       b. local

       c. static

       d. scope

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