1 how to do setup for workstation 2 what kind of software does computer network syst 5346818

1. how to do setup for workstation??

2.what kind of software does Computer Network System they use? And tell me how they use it.

3. How to configure with software?

4.which is the best firewall for workstations and why?? and  how to configure firewall???

5. how to configure # workstations / printers? how to secure printers for a workstations??

6. which is the best virus protection for workstation and tell me why?

make a full page please 🙂

if you find any information in the website please send it to me thanks

Sorry I know is not good questions but my instructor is not a good teacher…

this is how he give it to me for research below. And he does not explain very well


  • image
  • set up?
  • virus Protetion
  • firewall
  • # of workstations/ printers

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