1 first construct an initial er diagram that does not include relations based on the 5346597

1) First construct an initial ER diagram that does not include relations based on the database requirements provided below. It should only have the Entities and their Attributes. State any assumptions you make related to the information provided.

2) Then construct second ER diagram that includes the relations between the entities based on the information provided. State any assumptions you make related to the information provided

3) Provide a list of 3 additional questions you would have for the client related to information you think is missing or would help better improve the design

Database Requirements:

These requirements are for a game in which players control characters that interact in a world.

There are people who play the game, moderate the game, and manage the game. Contact with the person will be done through email. Each person will have a login and a password for the game. People that moderate the game will have special abilities that people that just play the game do not have. People that manage the game have special abilities above those that just moderate the game.

Each player will have one or more characters in the game. Each character will have a name that must be unique. Each character has the following information: Max and current hit points, strength, stamina, items worn, and items in possession. Each character also has a specific location in the game.

Each item a character can have can be armor, a weapon, a container, or generic item. Armor protects from a set amount of damage and can be worn in the following locations: head, legs, body, and boots. Weapons are held in the hands or stored in a container. When a weapon is used successfully it causes a specific ability to occur on the target. A container can hold one or more items. Each container has both a volume and a weight limit. All items have a set volume and weight.

There are creatures in the game. Creatures have max and current hit points, stamina, strength, a set amount of protection from damage, and have one or more abilities. Each creature has a

specific location in the game. Creatures are only willing to go into certain types of areas (e.g. forest, mountain, etc…). Creatures can have the ability to go into multiple types of areas. Also, creatures have a list of creatures and players they hate and like.

Each ability can be an attack or a benefit. They can target a specific stat (hit points, strength, and stamina), for a specific amount of benefit or penalty, and take a certain amount of time to execute. The ability can be a one-time effect or can cause the effect to repeat for a certain amount of time at a specified rate.

Each location in the game has a size attached to it, as well as what type of location (mountain, forest, city), any exits and where those exits lead. Locations can contain characters, creatures, and/or items.

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