1 define quot inheritance quot as it relates to the design of classes in java what b 5346522

1. Define “Inheritance” as it relates to the design of classes in Java. What benefit does inheritance offer the programmer?

2.Explain what happens if an exception is not handled at the level at which it occurs. What if it is never handled?

3.What is the difference between “overloading” and “overriding” methods? Which specifically relates to inheritance and why?

4.Define the term “binding”. How does this process relate to the polymorphism of an inheritance string?

5.What mechanism is used to create borders around swing components? Code an example of a component with a border.

6.From what class do all classes derive? What are some of the methods inherited? What should the derived class do with these methods?

7.What happens when an object is passed as a parameter to a method?

8.What are the three ways a programmer can deal with an exception?

9.Define “polymorphism” as it relates to classes and objects.

10.What purpose do layout managers serve? Name four (4) layout managers including the default layout manger (identify the default layout with *** following its name).

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