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1. Create a resizeable array of 2D points and perform various operations on them. You will create a class Point2DArray and a class Manager that creates and uses an instance of your Point2DArray. In the header file for Point2DArray (before the line that declares: class Point2DArray), define the following type: typedef double Point2D[2]; 2. An instance of Point2D will be an array of length 2; position 0 holds an x coordinate, and position 1 holds a y coordinate. This definition will allow us to declare the resizeable array of 2D points. Create classes as indicated by the following UML-like diagrams: Point2DArray -pts: Point2D* -arraySize: integer -numPoints: integer +Point2DArray(is: istream&) +centroid(c: Point2D) {query} +length(): double {query} +print(os: ostream&): void {query} Manager -ptArray: Point2DArray* +Manager(is: istream&) The Manager class is sparsely specified here. Based on its duties described below, you will decide what public (if any) and private (if any) methods you think it needs based on our usual desires to (i) modularize our code (make each module do one specific task

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