What is the topic of the Debate? Police Discretion

Debate papers should be typed, three page minimum in length in addition to title page and bibliography. Must be 3 pages

Debate 1 (Police Discretion)  1.5 pages per side for a total of 3 full pages. 2 academic journal articles per side so 4 articles all together.

The body of paper:

  • What is the topic of the Debate? Police Discretion
  • Why is this topic important to American society and the American criminal justice system?
  • Briefly describe which side of the Debate each author takes and why?
  • Find 4 academic journal articles on the debate topic. 2 supporting articles per side.  Briefly describe the authors’ positions on the topic and why they hold those positions.
  • Based on the arguments from the Debate and your four articles, your knowledge of the issues from other classes, and any other information you have, such as non-criminal justice classes, Supreme Court decisions, current events, and other sources, write your opinion on the issue.  You do not need to agree with any of the sides presented, however, you must strongly support your opinion with examples or in other ways.
  • Use in-text citations for quotes and paraphrasing from the text and journal articles.
  • A bibliography that includes all outside sources and each Debate author should be included at the end of each deb

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