Unit VII Technology Grant Proposal Safety and Health

Your department is developing a committee to advise and inform the development of grant proposals. You have been selected as a representative. The committee chairperson has tasked the committee members to submit recommendations for technology grant proposals that will have a positive impact on safety and health within the department.


The proposals will be evaluated based upon the quality of information provided and the proposed impact on the department. Each committee member shall submit information to support their proposal using the following points:


Provide an introduction as to why you selected this topic for your proposal.

What problem does the grant proposal solve? Provide a problem statement. (The problem is…)

How will this proposal directly impact safety and health within your department or organization? Be specific.

Provide analysis of how this grant proposal can assist with public education and code enforcement.

How will this proposal help reduce risk to the organization by improving risk management processes?

What data and research can you provide to support your proposal? Consider illness, injury, fatality, cost examples for your department. Be specific.

Are there any agencies that have implemented similar programs that have led to positive outcomes that you can provide as benchmarks?

Does this grant proposal represent an industry best practice, either now or in the future? Please provide specifics.

Is this grant proposal in alignment with any national or industry standards? If so, please provide specific information.

Please provide any additional information you deem relevant and beneficial for your grant proposal.



There is no need to provide budget information, as that will be developed if your proposal is selected based upon the quality of information you’ve provided.

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