Unit VII Fleet Managment Case Study

You were recently hired as the fleet safety manager for a small distribution company in the Midwest. Your small company just received a compliance, safety, and accountability (CSA) score of 81. Last month, your score was 77. Upper management has requested a review of the scores and your analysis of the company’s fleet safety performance.


  • Is that a good or bad score? Is a higher score better (like basketball), or is a lower score better (like golf)?
  • If it is a good score, what will you do to sustain your success?
  • If it is a bad score, describe what you are going to do to improve your score and to avoid having your fleet shutdown.
  • Recommend benchmarking and record-keeping systems for the company.
  • Identify performance incentives that you think would benefit the company’s fleet safety.
  • Describe fleet-safety-related responsibilities that this company should implement.
  • Describe hazard analysis and control techniques this company should implement for fleet safety.


Feel free to add any information or create more details for the given scenario. Your completed case study should be at least four pages in length (not including your Title and Reference pages) and include at least two outside sources, one of which must come from the CSU Online Library. You must use APA Style to create citations and references for this assignment.

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