Persoanl Growth Discussion

Weiten, W., Hammer, E., & Dunn, D. (2014). Adjust. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.

Chapter 11 and 12

After reading Chapter 11&12 and reviewing the Gender and Sexuality PPT, please attend to one or more of the following:

Is talking about gender, sex, and sexuality difficult? Why or why not?

Discuss sex, gender, and sexual orientation. Are these concepts new to you? Have you had classes that have discussed these topics before?

Discuss Kinsey’s 6 point scale of sexuality. Is this too complex? Is it not complex enough? What are your views about sexuality?

Watch the “Making Sex Normal” TED talk and discuss your reactions

Discuss your experience with sexual education. What did you learn? Did you feel that your education was adequate?  Why or why not?

According to the textbook (p. 256) what factors impact our attitudes about sexuality?

In order to receive full credit, be sure to post two separate posts in each discussion forum: one original post (5 points) attending to one of the provided questions or prompts

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