Future of the Workplace

 Future of the Workplace

As we have learned, the nature of the workplace is changing rapidly. The rise in the use of robots and artificial intelligence has decimated the employment prospects for many employees in many industries. It has also changed the nature of the role of human resource professionals. With that as a background, compose a paper that addresses the following:

  • Provide      a general overview on the rise in the use of robots and artificial      intelligence in the workplace. Present evidence that the use of robots and      artificial intelligence is increasingly taking the employment      opportunities to which humans have traditionally performed, including the      level and scope of this trend.
  • Assess      how this trend has affected the promise and security of continued      employment for some/many in the United States economy, including an      assessment on how the nature and type of employment is changing for the      typical US worker (e.g., more part-time employment or static wages).
  • Present      the criteria a human resource professional should review before      determining whether a position should be filled by a robot or through      artificial intelligence.
  • Discuss      how these trends will affect the role of human resources, including the      typical human resource functions such as recruitment, compensation, labor      relations, risk and liability management, and organizational      effectiveness.
  • Finally,      discuss the role and duty a human resource professional has to ensure full      employment for employees and, most importantly, the responsibility human      resources should assume for those workers displaced by a world where      robots and artificial intelligence are increasingly performing.

Your paper should be:

  • Full 15      pages in length (not including title and reference pages).
  • Formatted      according to the APA format.
  • Supported      by 8-9 scholarly articles.

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