Footprints On The Moon

answer these questions, and I need 100% correct.

Use your lab worksheet, Appendix 1 and the “Optical and Atmospheric Limitations” topic near the end of Sect. 6.1 of the text to answer the questions below. READ EACH QUESTION CAREFULLY and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS regarding the format of your answer EXACTLY.  A computer is grading your answers, and computers are extremely literal in their assessment of right or wrong, so it will mark even a small deviation as incorrect.  Follow the rules for rounding off to the proper number of significant digits carefully.  Most answers will require scientific notation, and you will enter the mantissa (leading digits), the exponent and the units in separate entry boxes.

You will have TWO and ONLY two submission attempts for this first Blackboard lab.  [Future labs will only have just one attempt.]  After your first submission, carefully review your incorrect answers and the feedback given with them.  Do not rush to re-submit your second and FINAL attempt; be sure you understand why your wrong answers are incorrect and be confident in your new answers before submitting.  Make your first attempt a full day early, so that you have time to get help from your professor or a peer tutor before the deadline.

IMPORTANT:  your assignment is NOT complete until you click the “Save and Submit” button below the final question, but do not do so without double-checking all of your entries first.  Once you have clicked the “Save and Submit” button you will receive a grade report detailing your correct and incorrect answers.  If you have not seen this grade report, you have not submitted nor completed the assignment!

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