Finland – PSY

Part 1 (ONE):

Sisu is a concept that comes from Finland. It is an idea that means that you can beat the odds. Challenges may come your way, but you’re not going to give up.

In this interview , Emilia Lahti offers five specific actions you can take to build up Sisu so that you can endure and even thrive in moments of extreme stress.

For this discussion, pick one of the five actions and describe how you will work to build your capacity to do this. How will cultivating this specific action help you?

*** 1 – 2 Paragraphs (8-10 sentences per paragraph) ***

*** No References/Citations Needed ***

Part 2 (TWO):

Respond to classmates discussion post below:

“After learning about the 5 suggestions Emilia Lahti offers to tap into Sisu at work, “reaching out to others” is the option I will need to work on in order to build up Sisu. I will work on this by simply asking for assistance. The upside to this is my work will be reduced, thus reducing my stress. Also, I may learn new things from other employees and their methods. However, it will be difficult for me because I tend to complete tasks alone. I have this mindset where if a mistake is made, there is nobody to blame but myself. A fear that I have is asking for help and the assistance being refused or incorrect. If that were to happen, my stress will be high. Even though some challenging tasks can be stressful, I prefer my distress to not be seen. Reading this article is another sign that these choices and this mindset are not healthy, which is why cultivating this specific action will help me.”

*** No References/Citations Needed ***

*** Under 100 Words response ***

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