Explain how you were politically socialized to understand these issues and why?

This requires you to reread the material posted in Content for this course as well as insights from additional readings to provide specific examples and explanations.

Each answer should be detailed.  Indicate the sources of ideas you use.  If you make a claim or a general statement, support it with evidence from your readings and research.

Structure your answers well.  Each answer should be about one page long with an introduction, well-organized paragraphs, and a conclusion.  Your introduction should make the main point and/or points and then develop them in the body of the essay. APA formatted.

1.  What does the author of The Washington Post article mean by “Misinformation is Everywhere…?”  What are the issues he raises to make the point and what are the strategies we can use to prevent misinformation and fake news?

2.  With examples from controversial issues in American politics, discuss the differences between Liberals and Conservatives on the following issues:  Abortion; Immigration; Gay Rights; The Trump Presidency.  Explain how you were politically socialized to understand these issues and why?

3.  According to Jonathan Haidt, what are the foundations of our morality and how do these affect how we think about political issues in the United States today.

4.  Based on your readings and research, discuss how to fight fake news today.  How and why will it be difficult to eliminate fake news?  Your answers must be supported by evidence.



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