Examine the effect World War II had on the economy and society of the United States.


While war continued overseas and many Americans left home to fight for freedom abroad, the home front faced many challenges. World War II brought with it many social and economic changes in the United States, some positive and some negative. Evaluate the social and economic impact the war had on one of the following groups.

  • African Americans
  • Japanese Americans
  • Women

Unit 6 World War II and Containment

In Unit 6, we will be focusing on World War II and the early years of the Cold War. As another war plagues Europe as a result of economic and political stability, the United States is once again in the situation of deciding on their stance and positioning in world affairs. The United States, still hurting from the Great Depression, will again adopt a policy of isolationism and neutrality, only to be dragged into war by the attack of Japan on Pearl Harbor. At this point, the United States is launched into full mobilization, proving to be an effective force for the Allies in both Europe and in the Pacific Ocean. This war will have a dramatic effect itself on the economy, society, and politics of the United States at home, as well as identifying the U.S. as the defender of democracy.

At the close of the Second World War, the United States and the Soviet Union would find themselves in a power struggle over political influence throughout the world. The Soviet Union seeking to spread Communist influences, found itself in constant conflict with the United States who sought to contain communism and support democracy. On the home front, while World War II helped bring an end to the Great Depression, it brought with it the introduction of communism. This raised public anxiety over war and foreigners and led to political witch hunts.


  • Summarize the events in Europe and Asia that led to World War II and discuss the domestic and international policies and events that brought the U.S. into the War.
  • Analyze the effect the United States had on the outcome of World War II.
  • Examine the effect World War II had on the economy and society of the United States.
  • Discuss the development of the Cold War and the events associated with the containment of Communism.

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