Ethical Research Paper


In addition to the Research Paper requirements, each class member is to select, analyze, evaluate, synthesize

and report on a 06-08-page Word document for Windows an ethical violation case (scandal); and if presented to

the class, PowerPoint slides are to be prepared and submitted with the presentation.

Your Analysis and

Evaluation report must cover the following nine (9) points which are to be clearly shown as headings to

facilitate its grading. Failure to show these headings will result in a grade reduction of at least twenty

(20) points.

1. What are ethics and why are they important in global banking and business?

2. What was the case about (Summary of Case)?

3. Who was (were) the individual(s) and company (ies) involved?

4. When and where did it happen and how much money was involved?

5. Why did it happen?

6. How did it come to the attention of the media?

7. What was the outcome of the case?

8. How could this case have been avoided?

9. What can we learn from the case?


The written reports must:

1. Be typed in double space format.

2. Show in the cover page:

a. The title of the research paper

b. The course number and name

c. Professor’s name

d. Your full name as it appears on the class roster

e. Your Panther ID

f. Your telephone number and e-mail address

g. Show the date you finished the report

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