Entrepreneurship & Innovation

The discussion response must be a minimum of 125 words of substantive content with references cited in APA format. No copying and pasting of work previously done for someone else. 

My research yielded the same data that you present that physical plants/stores still reign supreme in the retail exchange of goods and services. As more consumers experience the benefits of online shopping, these numbers may swing to more votes for this venue. This year alone, in my small sphere of connections, many more are using online shopping services. This is across all age groups. Some stereotypes about millennials fall short. In my home, for example, the youngsters took months to trust Amazon. As package after package arrived on the patio, slowly trust started to build. They were much more concerned for financial security, quality, and fit than the 50-year-olds were. Ironically, it is the older folks in this scenario who trust the return and exchange processes and are willing to actually call customer service for any and all questions. The essential influencer seems to be word of mouth marketing (WOMM). As conversations and discussions increase about online shopping convenience and range of goods available, sharing of links and sites is rising. This online shopping learning curve seems most dramatic during recent holiday seasons. Online shoppers outpaced brick and mortar purchasers by more than six times in 2017(Wood, 2018).

Are there certain items you are more willing to purchase online than others? And do you see more online purchasing in your future?


Wood, M. (2018, February 24). With An Increase In Online Shopping, Prepare For An Increase In Data Breaches. Retrieved from https://www.forbes.com/sites/allbusiness/2018/02/24/with-an-increase-in-online-shopping-prepare-for-an-increase-in-data-breaches/#22585399e67.


Entrepreneurship & Innovation “Technology, Innovation, Change, and the Legal Implications of a Modern Business Model”

Each discussion must be a minimum of 125 words of substantive content with a minimum of two references cited in APA format. No copying and pasting of work previously done for someone else. 

Discussion Question 1

Describe the different ways that companies are leveraging technology, innovation, robotics, and artificial intelligence to create a competitive advantage in their industry. Next, provide an example of an industry that has been severely impacted by innovation and technology and share your perspective on this change.

Discussion Question 2

Speculate on the legal implications you can foresee during this transition from the Traditional Brick and Mortar business to the fully automated industries of the future. Next, discuss significant challenges of the current legal system with keeping up with changes in technology. Provide support for your response

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