Discuss a specific current policy from one Middle Eastern country.

Answer each question 250-300 words

APA Style

1-2 resources per question

1. Discuss a specific current policy from one Middle Eastern country. What are the impacts of the policy within the respective country, the Middle East, and the world? How does the selected policy relate to terrorist activities? You may choose to discuss a policy that promotes or support terrorism or a policy designed to prevent terrorism.

2.  Discuss the evolution of global jihad since the Iranian Revolution of 1979. Provide at least three specific examples of events that occurred in the Middle East and discuss the ways these events influenced global jihad. How has each of these events contributed to the continued turmoil in the Middle East?

3. Discuss the current debate surrounding the definition of cyberterrorism. Why is there no common definition? What are some of the challenges associated with establishing a common definition? Provide examples of two competing definitions of cyberterrorism from different sources and discuss the differences between the definitions. What are the implications of these differences?

4. Discuss the characteristics that would distinguish an attack of cyberterrorism from an attack of cybercrime. Discuss four specific characteristics that could be used to identify an attack as cyberterrorism or cybercrime. Why is it important to effectively distinguish between the two?

5.  What are the primary effects of state-sponsored terrorism on the domestic and global communities? How does state-sponsored terrorism impact the political, economic, and social factors within these communities? Which of these factors would you argue is most significantly impacted by state-sponsored terrorism, and why?

6.  Consider the political, social, and economic effects of terrorist attacks committed by non-state actors. How do these effects differ, if at all, from the effects of state-sponsored terrorism? Would you argue that the political origin of terrorist attacks (state-sponsored vs. non-state-sponsored) alters the effects on the domestic and global communities, and why?

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