Define incidents that pose a risk to the organization

  • Read this week’s selected chapters
  • Listen to lectures and watch or read the related News on Business Continuity within your industry
  • Review the submission requirements, APA formating
  • Research assignment topics (keep the focus within your industry)
  • Research

    After selecting your desired industry, research at least two recent News articles concerning a recent event that negatively impact your selected industry.  The article should be no more than four weeks old.  Use the issue presented in the article to continue the discussion using the guidelines below.

    Write a one to two-page summary addressing the following questions:

  1. Define incidents that pose a risk to the organization
  2. Describe the purpose and function of the CSIRT
  3. Discuss the skills and abilities needed in the CSIRT
  4. Explain the standing operating procedures associated with CSIRT operations
  5. Describe the training and deployment of the CSIRT
  6. Submission
    You should make your submission by midnight on Sunday of each week. All written assignments must be written in APA format and supported with at least three scholar documents (refer to the APA folder in week one). All response must reflect your identified industry
    No later than Sunday at 11:59. Remember, late work will not be accepted!
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