Compare and contrast the Managerial Grid and the Four Framework Approach. R

Compare and contrast the Managerial Grid and the Four Framework Approach. Read about both models in your text in Chapter 1 and write about their similarities and differences between these two leadership models.

New Leadership for Today’s Health Care Professionals: Concepts and Cases Publisher: Jones and Bartlett Author’s Name: Rubino L., Esparza, S., & Chassiakos, R. Y. ISBN: 978-1-284-02357-2

APA 500 words

Models of Leadership • Leadership models can help us understand: • why leaders act the way they do • which leadership actions are more likely to lead to successful outcomes • Leaders must avoid getting stuck using only one type of model • Different situations call for different leadership approaches Blake and Mouton’s Managerial Grid • Leaders/Managers assessed on two dimensions • Concern for people/relationships • Concern for results and production • Most leaders fall somewhere in the middle of the two axes (dimensions) • Most desirable is the Team Leader style, however elements of the other leadership styles may sometimes be useful in specific situations. The Managerial Grid Leader Types • Impoverished Leader – detached, permissive, lack commitment, delegates and disappears • Country Club Leader – does not exert authority out of fear, uses reward and recognition to encourage • Authoritarian – task -oriented, tough on workers, gets work done at all costs, intolerant of dissent • Team Leader – leads by example, fosters a productive team environment, encourages the highest potential, strengthens bonds Four Framework Approach Bolman and Deal’s frequent leadership types • Political – coalition builder, sets clear goals, builds connections, distributes power, uses influence • Human Resources – visible, empowering, shares information, supportive, encourages participation • Structural – social architect, focuses on structure, strategy, environment, execution, and adaption • Symbolic – inspirational, prophetic, uses symbolism, communicates vision

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