Challenges To Personal And Professional Self-Care

You will design your own self-care plan based on components emphasized in the written lectures throughout this course. The Unit VIII project will be titled Personal and Professional GrowthA Team Effort.

In this assignment for Unit IV, write a three-page essay explaining the challenges to personal and professional self-care. You will focus on the following five components:

  • Component 1: awareness of the issues;
  • Component 2: self-assessment;
  • Component 3: an action plan for your own self-care;
  • Component 4: an action plan where you as a leader, manage, lead, and coach colleagues in prioritizing their own self-care; and
  • Component 5: challenges presented to personal and professional self-care.

Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below. Remember to follow APA formatting guidelines for this essay.

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