assessment methods

Devise a series of assessment methods (interviews, assessment centers, work samples, simulations, etc.) for evaluating job candidates as part of the selection system you are creating. Use Table 9-3 in Chapter 9, which has comparisons of some commonly used external assessment methods. As the authors point out, this table summarizes the general effectiveness of many possible assessment methods used to predict on-the-job performance (validity), applicant reactions, the relative cost of the methods compared to other assessment methods, adverse impact, and ease of use.

The values presented are typical of those found in organizations, but the exact validity, cost, and adverse impact will vary from job to job and from company to company. Thus, exercise caution when using these values. Differences in the quality of an assessment method’s development, the degree of training users receive, and how consistently the tools are used can all influence the costs and validity of any assessment method, as well as its adverse impact and applicant reactions to it.

Analyze as a team which external methods make the most sense to use based on the job description you are working with. This paper should be 5–7 pages in length.

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