your topic can be any topic related to health care

TOPIC – IMPORTANT: your topic can be any topic related to health care. A topic about a profession, issue, law, set of regulations, new concepts, disease etc, however no matter what you choose – you must include a lot of focus on management styles, leadership, policy, link and role of health care administration.

an APA formatted 2 paragraph report defining your topic and your rational (why its important). Plus you will create an out line and have a 6 reference list using APA for citing listing your

Title Page1 Paragraph telling me what your topic is about1 Paragraph telling me why your topic is important to health care.A outline with numbers or bullets showing the key areas of your topic.A reference page listing six references that you will use. ALL must be scholarly sources (this information was discussed in the chat and is in the writing help slides) – DO not simply list out a bunch of websites- again see the chat and APA sources on how to cite in APA.

Topics = topic must be something related to healthcare administration. Topics can be any issue or area of healthcare that is of interest to you. However, you must include the impact it has on the healthcare. Your paper should include data, statistics, best practices in field and your own recommendations.

References must be scholarly. The Paper must follow APA.

AGAIN, note your paper and topic must be abouthealthcare management and administration. You can choose a disease or issue but you must be able to include concepts of health management. By health managementthiscould be policies related to your topic, ethics (related to your topic), management styles related to the topic, leadership styles etc.

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