your task is to design a program to help a hospital analyze the ow of patient arriva 4947457

Your task is to design a program to help a hospital analyze theflow of patient arrivals in their emergency room.Atextfilecontainspatientarrivals7daysaweek,24hoursadayfor4weeks.Eachvaluerepresents the number of patients that entered theemergency room during a given hour. Each row in the data filecontains 24 values, one for each hour in the day, for all 7 days ofthe week. Each row contains 24*7 or 168 values. The first set ofvalues in each row is for day zero or Sunday of each week. Eachhour is based on military time with hour 0 being 12am,and hour 23being 11pm. Requirements

Read data from a text file into a 3 dimensional array. From thedata,compute: 1. the total number of patients that entered theemergency room per week 2. the total number of patients thatentered the emergency room per day for each week 3. the averagenumber of daily patient visits per week 4. the number of patientvisits per day,averaged overall weeks 5. the busiest day for eachweek 6. the least busy day for each week. Each of theserequirements directly corresponds to a function you must implement.See the following section on Specifications for more details Specifications

Implement the and modulesaccording to the predefined class methods. These predefined classmethods serve as the public API (application program interface) foryour modules. You are not permitted to change the existing skeletonof class and method declarations. However, you are encouraged tocreate additional private methods to help simplify the process ofimplementing the public interface. The ERDataReader andERDataAnalyzerclasses exist in the er_datapackage Reading the data Implement the readData() function of theERDataReader module. The readData function does not need to performany exception handling. In its function declaration, it specifieswhat exceptions it may throw. It willbe the responsibility of otherprograms which use,or “consume,”this function to handle thoseexceptions. The ERDataReadermodule must have the followingsignature: 1 public class ERDataReader { 2 public static int[][][] readData(String dataFile) 3 throws FileNotFoundException, NoSuchElementException,IllegalStateException ← – {} 4 } Implement ERDataAnalyzer class interface with the followingpublic methods: 1 public class ERDataAnalyzer { 2 public static int[] patientsPerWeek(int[][][] data) {} 3 public static int[][] patientsPerDayPerWeek(int[][][] data){} 4 public static double[] averagePatientsPerWeek(int[][][] data){} 5 public static double[]averagePatientsPerDayAcrossWeeks(int[][][] data) {} 6 public static int[] busiestDayPerWeek(int[][][] data) {} 7 public static int[] leastBusyDayPerWeek(int[][][] data) {} 8 } Example 1 import er_data.ERDataReader; 2 import er_data.ERDataAnalyzer; 3 import; 4 5 public class Assignment1 { 6 public static void main(String[] args){ 7 String dataFile = “path/to/data”; 8 9 int[][][] data = // initialize array 10 try { 11 data = ERDataReader.readData(dataFile); 12 } catch (FileNotFoundException e) { 13 System.err.println(“File cannot be found or accessed: ” +dataFile); 14 } catch (Exception e) { 15 e.printStackTrace(); 16 } 17 18 int[] patientsPerWeek =ERDataAnalyzer.patientsPerWeek(data); 19 System.out.println(“Patients per week: ” +patientsPerWeek); 20 // Calls to other ERDataAnalyzer functions… 21 } 22 } Attached

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