Your responses to others need to be more extensive than “I agree.” What about what they said do you agree or disagree and why?

The concept of the essays are signs coaching functions and Developmental Activities

Coaching functions.

Managers need to engage in a complex set of behaviors to perform the various coaching functions. These include the following: establish developmental objectives, communicate effectively, motivate employees, document performance, give feedback, diagnose performance problems, and develop employees.

Developmental Activities

There are several ways through which employees can reach the objectives stated in their developmental plans, including • On-the-job training • Self-guided reading. • Mentoring

See attachment and provide a separate response to all 3. Your responses to others need to be more extensive than “I agree.” What about what they said do you agree or disagree and why? Are there questions their essays raise in your mind? What do you think about the judgment made by the essay writer? Do you agree or disagree? Could you find a judgment in the essay? Keep the conversation focused on applying the concepts to this particular situation.

Essay 1

Development activities are initiatives aimed at improving the ability of the employees to perform tasks according to the set standards. At a convenience store, the typical development activities include mentoring and on-the-job training. The executive steers the process after the formulation of the vision and the mission of a company. The identification of the action in the form of a program follows with a prioritization of the concerns that dictate overall service quality.

The concept of mentoring interrelates with coaching. The two demand constant collaboration. Consequently, judging employee performance requires knowledge of the ability to identify the development activities then coach the employees towards the objective.  According to Aguinis (2013), coaching involves the ongoing guidance initiative by the management to shape behavior to improve performance at a store. The process revolves around aligning the competencies of the employees with the expectation of the consumers. The task typifies mentorship in a convenience store since there is constant communication and evaluation of progress.

An observation of the operations of Supermart indicates that supervisors mentor the employee in addition to coaching through collaboration with the executive. The duties have been fruitful due to collaboration in the identification of the activities among employees and stakeholders. To ensure success in the future, the business needs to motivate the employees during coaching. The simplification of the goals and the development activities is equally necessary. Additionally, the automation of evaluation of progress is necessary because exemption of the resources hinder success in examining the complex aspects of the initiatives at the store. As a consequence, the leadership gain the opportunity to gauge employee competence based on response in meeting the set targets of operations.


Essay 2

The issue of performance management in our school organization that I discussed in week two, consistently low student achievement in math, can be improved with properly crafted development plans and activities for our teachers supported by effective ongoing coaching at the site and district levels. Development plans for our math teachers must begin with clear objectives to improve the areas of concern in their instruction. Through teacher surveys, student assessment results, and observations of instruction it has been agreed upon by teachers and administrators that teachers are deficient in their ability to deliver instruction to students that develops conceptual understanding. So, the developmental plan and activities will be based on improving that skill within our math teachers. Site administrators and team leaders will work with our county office, local college extension programs, and text book publisher to find workshops, courses, conferences, and supplemental instructional resource materials that teachers can register for to develop the substandard conceptual teaching skills. Teachers who are unable to directly participate in the professional development (PD) opportunities will participate in our “in-house” PD that is held during work hours monthly on campus. These teachers will not have as much choice as those who select from the other options because it will be facilitated by the district provider to provide support in lesson planning and delivery to meet the threshold level expectations for conceptual understanding for specific grade levels, courses, and units.

To support our teachers in their development plans, site and district administrators will provide coaching throughout the process. Because most site administrators do not have the mathematics background to facilitate the training, they will work with district math consultants to learn how to support math teachers through the process by engaging in structured conversations that are focused on allowing the teacher to share their learning, development, next steps, and what additional support they need to meet the expectations. This provides the nurturing of a good coaching relationship and allows the employee being the one guiding their change and growth. (Aguinis, 2009) The site administrators will provide advice on how to implement the learned skills into their instruction and provide feedback on the teacher’s growth throughout the school year. The coaching conversations and charted progress of teacher behavior of using the learned strategies that were part of the development plan and activities will be reflected in the annual evaluations with documentation of participation, implementation and change in student outcomes throughout the school year.

Aguinis, H. (2009). Performance Management vol 3. New Jersey: Pearson.

Essay 3

Performance can be understood as organization achievement about its set goals. It includes the outcomes being achieved through individual and team contribution to the organization strategic goal. For managers to be able to achieve the goal of the organization, have to clearly understand the problems that may arise and prevent performance improvement.

In my previous workplace, there are cases of negligence of duties that are assigned to each employee. Some of the repercussions have been severe whereby we have lost clients since our colleagues did not admit that they were not fully skilled in their department, or rather they underperformed. In such a case, I believe, there need to have development activities and some coaching to sharpen the skills of those heading the departments. It will improve their performance with a great margin.

There are also cases of poor communication within the organization. Teamwork has been hard to pursue which have dragged back some departments. In such cases, I would propose the adoption of coaching activities from professionals to enhance our communication skills and working in teams. Most of the differences that make us fail to work as teams are petty and can be solved through dialogues.

Another issue with performance management in my workplace includes monitoring the performance of each worker, there are those that feel target by performance evaluation activities, but it is not the case (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2017). Development activities and coaching functions are important in such a scenario. It will enhance managers skills monitoring and reviewing the progress of the staff member’s and being able to offer motivation through rewards or positive critic where there good performance and where needs improvement respectively.


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