you need to prepare a web site for a bank all 4 pages should be connected with links 5188669

You need to prepare a web site for a Bank.

 All 4 pages should be connected with links

 Page 1: You need to provide general information about your bank and some attractive images as a home page.

 Page 2: Prepare a page for showing exchange rates and Calculation of Exchange Rates. Users will provide amount, currency and target currency, you need to show the corresponding currency in target currency.

 Page 3: Prepare a page for showing Loan rates with descriptions and images.

 Page 4: Prepare a page for Loan calculation. o User will select “Loan Type”, “Loan Term” and he will enter the amount of loan, then you will display how much money will be paid and the remaining debt on each month. o

You need to check if

 Loan Type, Loan Term and amount is filled (Not Empty)

 Amount is not less than 1000TL and not greater than 100000TL. o

See the following sketch and tables Loan Types Personal Loan Education Loan Car Loan Loan Terms 12 1.55% 1.49% 1.24% 24 1.58% 1.50% 1.26% 60 1.60% 1.54% 1.30%

Table of interest rates Sketch of the Loan Calculator is as follows: When calculate button clicked, following table need to be displayed: Month Payment Remaining Debt 1 2 . . .

III. Grading: External Css 5 External Js 5 Links to Other Pages 5 Home Page 10 Exchange Rates page 10 Loan Rates Page 10 Calculation of Currency conversion 10 Loan Calculator Form 10 Checks Loan Term 5 Checks Loan Type 5 Checks Amount 5 Calculates Monthly Payments 10 Calculates Remaining Debt 15 Total 100+5

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