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You do not have the tables, but what is required is the code.You might not see the output. Show how to retrieve a data in yourcode based on the starter code and the output given. If you useprintf to display each query you will run into an interesting(quirky?) problem – printf assumes that every % indicates some typeof formatting. Our first query ends with “…LIKE ‘D%’”. If you tryto print this using printf you will get an error. The “best”solution to this is to use print or println instead of printf –neither print nor println use the % as a formatting command. Astarter code is given below:
You will move the database access code to a separatemethod which will be called by main. When calling this method youwill pass in two strings – one contains information about the queryto be displayed with the output, the other containing the SQL queryto be executed.
Starter code //

//Displaying the contents of the Authors table.

import java.sql.Connection;

import java.sql.Statement;

import java.sql.DriverManager;

import java.sql.ResultSet;

import java.sql.ResultSetMetaData;

import java.sql.SQLException; public class DisplayAuthors {    public static void main(String[] args) {


       final String DATABASE_URL =”jdbc:derby:books”;

       final String SELECT_QUERY =


              “SELECT firstName, lastName FROM Authors”;




       // use try-with-resources toconnect to and query the database

       try (

              Connection connection =DriverManager.getConnection(

                     DATABASE_URL, “deitel”, “deitel”);

              Statement statement =connection.createStatement();

              ResultSet resultSet =statement.executeQuery(SELECT_QUERY))





       // get ResultSet’s metadata  

       ResultSetMetaData metaData =resultSet.getMetaData();

       int numberOfColumns =metaData.getColumnCount();


       System.out.printf(“Authors Table ofBooks Database:%n%n”);  


       // display the names of the columnsin the ResultSet

       for (int i = 1; i

          System.out.printf(“%-8st”, metaData.getColumnName(i));



       // display query results

       while (


           for (int i = 1;i




   }// AutoCloseable objects’ close methods are callednow


   catch (SQLException sqlException)



   } } }
Sample Output Figure 24.13: SELECT AuthorID, FirstName, LastName FROM AuthorsWHERE LastName LIKE ‘D%’ AUTHORID        FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 1             Paul   Deitel ⁞               ⁞                      ⁞ Figure 24.15: SELECT AuthorID, FirstName, LastName FROM AuthorsORDER BY LastName ASC AUTHORID        FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 3             Abbey            Deitel ⁞               ⁞                      ⁞ Figure 24.16: SELECT AuthorID, FirstName, LastName FROM AuthorsORDER BY LastName DESC AUTHORID        FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 4             Dan    Quirk ⁞               ⁞                      ⁞ Figure 24.19: SELECT FirstName, LastName, ISBN FROM AuthorsINNER JOIN AuthorISBN ON Authors.AuthorID = AuthorISBN.AuthorIDORDER BY LastName, FirstName FIRSTNAME      LASTNAME    ISBN Abbey      Deitel 0132121360 ⁞               ⁞                      ⁞ Figure 24.23: SELECT AuthorID, FirstName, LastName FROMAuthors AUTHORID        FIRSTNAME LASTNAME 1             Paul   Deitel ⁞               ⁞                      ⁞ Attached

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