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You are the new property operations manager of the Xavier Hotel. The GM has called you in to her office to inform you of new directives of the company and the need to become more sustainable. The GM tells you that you need to review the operational efficiency of the hotel and make recommendations to meet the new environmental standard set by the corporate office.
So to do well on the GM’s new assignment you should include a reasonable dollar value associated with all proposed upgrades for cost savings.
For example: If you save 15 gallons per person per day with your improvements for the 375 rooms which are occupied 72% of the time with 1.4 people per occupied room, how much is your annual saving in gallons and dollars?
Water costs $5.45 per 1000 gallons
The Questions to Answer:
Describe in detail what you would propose to the GM to do with the property to increase efficiency, and reduce waste for the following categories:
1. Discuss the reduction in gallons used per occupied room i.e. what is a normal usage per person and how can it be reduced.
a. What steps can be taken to reduce usage structurally i.e. changing fixtures.
b. What water saving programs can be put in place for both guests and employees to follow?
c. What would the subsequent savings be on an annual basis in dollar$? Give the GM a calculation of your proposed changes and how much will the hotel save on an annual basis.
d. How much would the changes cost for all 375 rooms?
2. Electricity is used for: lighting, vertical transport (elevators), pumps, refrigeration and multiple facets of HVAC.
a. What can be done to systematically maximize the efficient use of electricity without affecting the comfort of the customer? For example change out inefficient light bulbs, outdated equipment, preventative maintenance etc.
b. Calculate the proposed savings in the reduction of the cost of electricity based on the cost of updating equipment or labor to do preventative maintenance.
c. Include the return on investment (ROI) made to improve efficiency.
d. ROI = (gain from upgrade – cost of investment) / cost of investment
3. What can be done to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling for the Xavier Hotel with 375 rooms?
a. How can facility managers ensure that their property HVAC expenses are under control with escalating oil, gas & electricity costs?
b. What can be done to increase efficiency of the equipment both used for generation and distribution?
c. What can be done to minimize unwanted heat-transfer and increase the R-value (thermal resistance).

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