You are a latent fingerprint examiner.

You are a latent fingerprint examiner.  As such, you are provided with three suspect names and their known fingerprints.  You are also provided with several latent fingerprint lifts recovered from the scene of a burglary.  It is your responsibility to perform the ACE-V method to determine if any of the latent prints belong to any of the suspects.  You will need to provide detailed case notes starting with an analysis of the latents. Your analysis should discuss level 1, 2, and 3 detail, distortion, and your target group. Comparison notes should include charted copies of the latents/knowns. Evaluation would be your conclusion. I might also ask you to verify the conclusions of one of your classmates.

Week 4 discussion post (CHAPTERS 13-16)

Protocols and Grading Rubric for Evaluating Online Discussions

Discussion Posts Protocols

  • Your main response should be a minimum of one short paragraph and a maximum of two paragraphs (min 100 words; max 200 words). 
  • Avoid responses that are limited to “I agree” or “great idea,” etc. If you agree (or disagree) with a posting then explain why you agree by supporting your statement with concepts from the readings or by bringing in related a related example or experience.
  • Address the questions as much as possible. Do not let the discussions stray to unrelated topics.
  • All post require supportive information from the text or other peer-reviewed sources that support your postings. Put any quotes in quotation marks, or better yet paraphrase, and always include reference from which the information or quotation was obtained, both within the text of your answer AND the correctly APA formatted reference at the bottom of the post. Wikipedia is never an appropriate resource.
  • Bring in related personal prior knowledge (work experience and/or prior personal experience.) as examples in the response
  • Use proper netiquette (proper language, typing, respect, etc.)
  • Use proper APA format


Grading Rubric for Evaluating Online Discussions

Criteria Excellent Good Average Poor
Timely contributions to discussions 3-4 postings well distributed throughout the week. 2-3 postings distributed throughout the week. 2 postings somewhat distributed. 1-2 postings or posts not distributed.
Responsiveness to the discussion and demonstration of knowledge and understanding gained from the assigned readings. Very clear that readings were understood and incorporated well into response. Readings were understood and/or incorporated into response. Posting have questionable relationship to the reading material. Not evident that the readings were understood and/or not incorporated into discussion.
Adherence to discussion posts protocols. All discussion posts protocols were followed. One (1) discussion posts protocol was not adhered to. 2-3 discussion posts protocols were not adhered to. Four (4) or more discussion posts protocols were not adhere to.
Maximum Points 20 14 8 4


Based on the information on Neurodevelopmental Disorders in this week’s materials, please answer the following.

In this discussion you will conduct internet research in an attempt to determine whether or not the following statement is fact or fiction.

Element 1:

“There’s recently been a massive epidemic of infantile autisim”. Fact or fiction?

***Please use at least 2 scientific / academic sources in addition to your text to support your statements.

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