Wrong Assumptions

Chapter 1 Questions:

Wrong Assumptions Jot down three instances in which making an assumption about someone (or, alternatively, when someone has made an assumption about you) has backfired. Think about why it happened. Did you jump to a conclusion, resort to a stereotype? What were the consequences? How could you have avoided the situation in the first place?

Communication Barriers Sometimes, the way an organization is arranged can itself become a barrier to communication. Describe any organizational barriers to communication that you see at your workplace, school, or organization. Go on to suggest ways in which you could reduce or eliminate these barriers.

Chapter 2 Questions:

Passive-Aggressive Situation Think of three statements you made or heard today that were ineffective because they were delivered with aggressive, nonassertive, or passive-aggressive approaches. Recast each in an assertive way. For more of a challenge, stop yourself before making such an ineffective statement in a real situation and instead present your message in an assertive manner.

Listening Mode The next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone, make an effort to shift into active listening mode. Receive the speaker’s message, showing interest and maintaining steady eye contact. Give simple acknowledgments such as “I see” and “Yes.” Give verbal feedback, keeping in mind that you should be capturing both the speaker’s facts and feelings. Does your approach have any effect on the speaker?

Chapter 3 Question:

The Respectful Approach Your boss has asked you to work with another team member to plan a luncheon and tour for some board members who are coming to see your organization’s new offices. Unfortunately, the last time you worked together was not a great experience; she was unpleasant to work with, you couldn’t agree on anything, and she didn’t do her share of the work. In spite of it all, the project was completed. Come up with a consistently respectful approach to take with your coworker in order for things to go more smoothly this time.

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