write this c program requirements here are the requirements for error logging a func 4946988

write this c program REQUIREMENTS

Here are the requirements for error logging:

– A function called LogError must write an error message to a textfile, to the debug console, or to the

program console. This message must contain the followinginformation:

o Date and time of occurrence

o Error message (passed to the function as a parameter)

– Use #define statements to identify:

o The output mechanism for the errors (text file, debug console orprogram console)

o The file path for the text file for the error log

– Use conditional compile statements in the LogError function todetermine where the error message

output should go

Write a test program that demonstrates the use of the LogErrorfunction. Initially, write a program that does the

following WITHOUT the error logging:

– Ask for the user’s age

– If the input is non-numeric, you should give the user a friendlymessage stating that the input is nonnumeric

– If the input is null (empty string), you should give the user afriendly message stating that the input cannot

be blank

– If the input is less than 1 or greater than 110, you should givethe user a friendly message stating that the

input is out of range

– If the age is valid (positive integer), simply say “Thank You”and end the program

– If there is any error in the age, the age should be asked foragain

Once the program works, add error logging function calls inappropriate places to record where users make errors. . . .

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