write mips instruction sequences to perform the followingoperations do not use pseud 4951739

Write MIPS instruction sequences to perform the followingoperations. Do not use pseudoinstructions. In addition to OR, ORI, AND, and ANDI, the MIPS ISA also has NOR(R-Type), XOR (R-Type) and XORI (I-Type). Make the best use of alllogical instructions. For full credit you must use a minimum length sequence. HINT: QtSPIM can be used to check the correctness of yoursequences, but no QtSPIM program is required. For each operation, the input and output register is specified.Use the $t registers if other registers are needed. Extract byte 2 (bits 16 to 23) of the value stored in $s0,placing them in the low order byte (bits 0 thru 7) of$s1. Clear bits 12 thru 15 of $s0 (modify $s0 in place). Leave theother bits unmodified. Set bits 22 and 23 of $s0 (modify $s0 in place). Leave the otherbits unmodified. Invert the even bits (bit 0,2,4,6,..30) byte of $s0. Leave theodd bits unmodified. Replace byte 1 (bits 8 to 15) of $s0 with the low-order byte of$s1. Modify $s0 in place. Attached

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