Write An Op Ed

Choose a topic for your op-ed:

  • Should workplace stress be regulated like other health hazards?
  • Bosses who bully:  Is there a solution?
  • Workplace sexual harassment in the #MeToo age: Is it really a problem?
  • How should we prevent mass shootings in the workplace?
  • Should college interns be legally protected against harassment?
  • Choose your own topic – email me for approval of an issue not on this list.  Narrow down your issue focus by posing a question.  For instance, rather than proposing writing an op-ed on “scheduling”, you might suggest “What can universities do to prevent burnout in students who have full-time jobs and families”.  Make sure that there is research or expert opinion to support your position.


  • The op-ed must be between 700-1,000 words.  Include a word count at the end of your op-ed.
  • Include your own title for your op-ed
  • Submit your own work that is in your words. Papers will be vetted by Turnitin – you will be able to view your Turnitin originality score and modify your paper if the score is low.
  • For this assignment, you must include at least one credible, expert reference in your op-ed (provide a proper citation at the end of your piece)
  • Use  correct grammar and spelling throughout
  • End the article by making a clear recommendation – this is a “call to action” for your readers
  • Sign your op ed with your name and few words about who you are
  • At the end of your submission include where you would submit your op-ed – this determines who your audience is and how you will write it.  For instance, an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal will be different than an op-ed for the Targum. 


Writing an op-ed is likely new to most of you.  Here are some resources to help you get started.

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