write a script in korn shell that presents a user with a menu asfollows add the numb 4945746

Write a script in Korn shell that presents a user with a menu asfollows: Add the numbers (enter a or A) Subtract the numbers (enter s or S) Multiply the numbers (enter m or M) Divide the numbers (enter d or D) Exit (select e or E) If the user enters any other character other than the onesmentioned, then print an error saying it is not a choice and askthe user to select again until the correct option is chosen. Once the operation is done, ask the user if they want to doanother operation on the same two integers or do another operationwith two different integers or exit. Do accordingly based on theusers choice. So until the user does not select the exit option,the user is presented with a menu. Also, when you run the script,provide two integers as command line arguments. The beginning ofyour script should have an if statement that checks how manyarguments are coming in and present a few statements about Usage ofthe script if the number of arguments is not 2. . . .

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