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Write a program that reads text from a file. Create a 2-dimensional character array that is 6 * 7. Store the characters read in your array in row major order (fill row 0 first, then row 1, etc.). Fill any unused spaces in the 2-D array with the ‘*’ character. If you have more characters than space, ignore the excess characters.

  1. Create a txt file and store the following statement in it:It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.Instantiate the FileReader and the BufferedReader classes to open and read the file (wrap this into a try-catch block to throw an error if the file does not exist). Here a code snippets of how to open and read a file:Read the statement into a single character array. This array will be your input to the 2D array (the size of this array should be the length of the line in your txt file)Use nested loops to read the characters from the single dimensional array into 2D array. Use a WHILE loop to print the characters in a column major order from the 2D array

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