Workplace Communication

You work for a global company. You are the Director of Marketing. You have a new product for which you need to develop the marketing campaign. Describe how you will use the three-step writing process when writing a routine message to the entire global team.

  • A quality answer will address the elements of the three-step writing process. The answer should illustrate how the three-step writing process is applied to a routine message.
  • Your product needs to be showcased in front of key stakeholders, which include select customers across the world.
    • Explain how to identify the audience and what it will take to speak/present to their values/needs. What listening skills will you use to address the high- and low-context cultures in your audience?
  • You are now going to plan the development of a presentation for the audience described above.
    • What style of presentation (persuasive, informative, instructional, etc.) will be best for the audience you identified? How will you apply the three-step writing process to the presentation? What five tips and guidelines do you feel will benefit your presentation?
  • You will also create a proposal for the VP of Marketing on the marketing roll-out for the new product.
    • What specific sections do you need to include in the proposal?
    • How will this communication tool differ in tone and content from the presentation planned for the audience above?

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