Who would be the stakeholders in this type of library?

For this paper you will select a library (i.e., public, academic, school, special, etc.) and, after clearly identifying the library type you have chosen, answer the following questions:

  • What is this type of library’s mission? Locate and attach as an appendix such a library’s mission statement.
  • What is/are the library’s role(s)?
  • Who would be the stakeholders in this type of library?

Locate an article from the professional literature (between 2005 and now) that reports on a situation that in

this type of library covered by ALA Bill of Rights. Summarize the article, the issues and events

as well as the outcome.

  1. Referring to the ALA Library Bill of Rights identify a different issue you think could be or historically was a challenge about the specific library mission you located for question 1, related to either the Bill of Rights or the Code of Ethics. Write a scenario to explain your concern (write about a situation and how it would be a challenge (or was a challenge) and what options should be considered keeping in mind the stated mission of the library.)

You must cite a minimum of 8 sources in the running text of your paper, at least 3 of which must be scholarly (i.e., peer-reviewed) research articles. Cite these where and when appropriate using APA style. Provide an APA style bibliography at the end of the paper. Do not use Wikipedia.

Your paper should have a title, an introduction, and a definition of the topic, analysis of issues, and a conclusion. You are encouraged to use subheadings. Do not use first- or second-person for this paper.   Title your paper AND your File with your LASTNAME Mission paper. Use single line spacing. Submit your document to this dropbox    Length:  ~ 1500 words

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