When is this task due?

Teresa Jones, the Head of HR for a large telemarking company, was approached by Bob Green, the head of the Communications department of the organization with information obtained through several job blogging sites.

The feedback was two-fold.  First, there were many comments from job applicants regarding dissatisfaction with the recruitment and selection processes.  Many of the comments had to do with the lack of follow up regarding job status after interviews have been conducted.  Other comments had to do with a general lack of respect for job candidates, including re- scheduling/canceling interviews with little notice, managers not being prepared for interviews and not having accurate job descriptions.

Second, Bob also found comments on various job blogs from either current or former employees that were “venting” about the lack of training and development opportunities, including job progression and a general disregard for employees in general.

Bob then handed Teresa a print out of some of the comments:

·       When I complained about having to continually cover for other people my manager told me, “take it (the job) or leave it, but good luck finding another job in this economy”  actually want me to do, classic “bait and switch”

·       #takethisjobandshoveit

·       After taking the time to interview 3 times, they never got back to me about whether or not they filled the job


·       Dead end jobs – unless you want to be a telemarketer for the next 10 years, I would avoid this company

·       When I asked about a promotion my manager said, “You’ll move up when I think you are ready to move up, until then, just do your job.  Really inspiring words!

·       I had to take vacation from my current job to interview with this company and when I arrived, they had no idea who was supposed to be interviewing me or for what position.  After waiting in the lobby for 20 minutes, I ended up “interviewing” with a supervisor from another department who wasn’t in charge of the area I was applying to be in, what a complete waste of my time!

After speaking with Bob and reviewing the comments, Teresa became very concerned about the future of the organization.  She had heard similar comments from employees in terms of dissatisfaction with training and development opportunities and also had heard of situations where there were problems with recruitment activities.  Now that the economy was recovering and unemployment was lower than it had been in previous years, the company had begun to see a rise in turnover.   Teresa decided that she needed to address this issue by preparing an action plan to address the issues at her organization.

post your action plan.

This should include any training and development issues related to this scenario (hint: consider this from different perspectives/functions).

My action plan is as follows.

Action Plan

To restore order in the organization, there are serious problems where it has poor leadership strategies, lack of customer satisfaction, or even motivation of employees. Other challenges include poor working conditions and failure of use of office etiquette. To restore order, the company’s top management should come up with an action plan that would be used in bringing up reforms on the organization’s culture, have leaders that are reliable and competent every time. The main activities that would be required to do this are as follows:


Expected results

Actual results

Who performs this task

When is this task due?


Re-Election of leaders–managers

The step of eliminating ineffective leadership. They are replaced by a good manager.

Proper leadership qualities.

The company’s senior staff—the members, would experiment so that they get some idea of who would be best at it.

This task is ongoing.


Ensure top-notch service delivery.

The organization will investigate the issue of gaining the confidence of the customers, to have as many customers as possible.

The increment of customers and change of reviews to positive ones.

The organization’s top officials, employees, managers.

The task does not require

A given amount of time.


Ensure employee satisfaction

This would involve making sure that all employees in the organization, are more productive.

The actual results would be an increment in some customers, better employee’s performance.

All members of management and HR.

No due time


Construction of a good working environment

Even in this case, performance is dependent on various factors, which include being in the working environment.

The relativeincrease in employee productivity.

The management of the organization and HR Management

No due time


Exercise the rules and policies of an organization.

There would be order in the workplace, without some individuals misbehaving or acting like they do not care.

A conducive working environment would be created.

The management of the organization and HR Management.

No due time



How would you evaluate if your strategies to reduce turnover were “successful”?  

Your response to this question should include applicable quantitative and qualitativemetrics used for evaluation purposes.

This assignment needs references and citations in APA format. Not a term paper. This last half, just above, is what needs answered.

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