what wrong with my certain method aren t compiling public class listdriverclass publ 4950396

What wrong with my certain method aren’t compiling !
class ListDriverClass{
void main(String[] args) { LinkedList myList =
newLinkedList(); System.
out.println(“Test myList addmethod()”); myList.add(“15”); System.
out.println(“myList: “+myList); myList.add(“25”); System.
out.println(“myList: “+myList); myList.add(“35”); System.
out.println(“myList:”+myList); myList.add(“45”); System.
out.println(“myList:”+myList); System.
try { myList.add(5, “55”); System.
out.println(” Add tomyListFailed”); }
catch (Exception e) { System.
out.println(“SuccessfulRejection”); } System.
out.println(“Remove methodtest”); System.
out.println(“Removing elementat position 4”); System.
out.println(myList.remove(4) +” is removed”); System.
out.println(“myList :”+myList); System.
try { myList.remove(5); System.
out.println(“RemovalFailed”); }
catch (Exception e) { System.
out.println(“SuccessfulRejection”); } System.
out.println(“Getting methodTest”); System.
out.println(“Element atposition 1: ” +myList.get(1)); System.
out.println(“Element atposition 2: ” +myList.get(2)); System.
out.println(“Element atposition 3: ” +myList.get(3)); System.
out.println(“Element atposition 4: ” +myList.get(4)); System.
out.println(“RemoveElement”); System.
try { myList.get(65); System.
out.println(“Request to getElement Failed”); }
catch (Exception e) { System.
out.println(“SuccessfulRejection”); }
for (
int i = 0; i
out.println(“My myList: “+myList.size()); System.
out.println(“myList Empty!:”); myList.isEmpty(); System.
out.println(“Removing allelement from myList:”); myList.removeAll(myList); } } } Attached

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