what were the key features of worship in Olympian polytheism (Greek paganism)?

Inspired by Egyptian buildings, the Greeks went on to build their own stone temples, and as they did so they created what is often referred to as Classical architecture, a legacy that has lasted down through today. Their pediments, repetitious columns, and symmetrical designs still evoke a sense of grandeur and restrained sophistication.

But what did these temples represent to the Greeks? What did the design, decoration and placement say about their religion and culture? To what extent did they owe their style to Egyptian temples and what innovative elements did they add?

To address these questions, choose a Greek temple from the Archaic through the Classical age (660-323 BCE) and research the internet for information on it. Provide a citation/link to the site you found most helpful, an image of the temple, and provide a summary of your findings divided up into 3 paragraphs for contextfunction & style. Be sure to present the information in your own words.

Some questions to consider include: What was a Greek temple used for? Are there any interesting myths or stories associated with it? Since the Greeks were inspired by the Egyptians to build stone temples, how does it compare with Egyptian architecture? Is your example typical for a Greek temple or not? Finally, is there a building near where you live that you think was inspired by Greek classical architecture? Briefly share it with the class.

NOTE: When you use technical vocabulary to describe your example, please define the terms for the class to demonstrate your knowledge of their meaning. Also, please do not concern yourself with what happened to the building after its initial construction: we’re more concerned with how the initial design and use related to the Greek culture at that time.

Here are some more issues to address:

-what were the key features of worship in Olympian polytheism (Greek paganism)?

-what order is your temple? (Doric, Ionic or Corinthian)

-does it feature a peristyle porch?

-is it enhanced by its location and is the location enhanced by the addition of the temple?

-is there a stress on the exterior?

NOTE: Please embed your photograph into your posting for easy viewing. Just click on the icon of the photograph on the upper-right of your text window & follow the prompts.

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