What kinds of activities/events will you be offering?

You are given an opportunity to recruit new students to join your student club. You will have 5-7 minutes to present your club. You are responsible to develop 10 to 15 slides that include useful important information about the club:

  • What is your club’s mission?
  • What kinds of activities/events will you be offering?
  • How would you convince the students to join the club?

Self-Narrated Presentation (100 Points)

The purpose of this last Capstone Project Milestone #3 is to develop a self-narrated presentation using PowerPoint. The students are required to apply appropriate slide layouts, effective slide transitions, and relevant multimedia to the presentation.


  • Must be developed professionally, using appropriate text size, font color/style, images, animations, and/or transitions.
  • Must use bullet points (not long paragraphs and sentences).
  • Use “Speaker Note” section to write out your narration script.
  • Must include 10-15 slides (including the title side).
  • Must include at least 3 different Slide Layouts.
  • May use your own theme. If a theme template is used, some customization should be made.
  • Do not need to record the audio. Speaker note is sufficient.
  • Be creative and consistent throughout the presentation.

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