What is your knowledge level of Florida’s Medicaid Waiver?

Please expand on the answers given and reply to the ones i did not.

What experience do you have working with individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities? Be detailed: jobs held, personal experience, types of care or services provided, length of time _____IO have almost 2 years at work and my son who is 7 is Autistic

  1. What is your knowledge level of Florida’s Medicaid Waiver? Qlarant (formerly Delmarva) Standards? I have  been through a Qlarant review and hands on training on the things they look for and how to make sure they are done.
  1. What experience do you have writing case notes or progress reports for individuals served?       __I have almost two years experience writing details in case notes at work.  I have to make sure the adays events are covered for the inviduals in my classes for the day.. Also any events that happen that need a T log have to be put in promptly.
  1. What leadership skills are your strongest? Your weakest?____ I think fast on my feet, I am organized, and I am good at pulling people together.  Weakness being a people pleaser.
  1. Do you have any other skills or knowledge that might be helpful but aren’t on your resume?____ I am good at hands on teaching and learning.  I am good at making curriculum and helping people on differnt levels come together to learn.  I am also know basic signing.

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