what is the structure of a post request what headers have to be present in http 1 0 4959750

What is the structure of a POST request? What headers have to be present in HTTP/1.0 and HTTP /1.1?
What are the four primary components of a typical web application?
What are the primary responsibilities of a web browser?
Why does a web browser maintain a cache memory? What is kept there?
What HTTP/1.1 header provides instructions to the web browser regarding caching?
What is stored in a cookie?
What HTTP/1.1 headers are used to transmit cookies? 10. How does a web browser decide what cookies to send along with a request?
What are the two parts of an HTTP transaction?
What does statelessness mean in the context of HTTP?
What are the valid request methods in HTTP/1.1?
What are the five HTTP response code categories?
What data are contained in HTTP headers?

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