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What insights did you gain as you completed and submitted a critical analysis of a case study in this weeks Application Assignment? As you reread the case study and read and reflect on your Assignment submission, consider your own position on the issue presented in the case study.
Assuming and supporting positions on issues in fields related to education is important for an education leader, but your responsibility extends beyond this. You must also be able to communicate your position to others. In addition, you must know how to listen to other individuals perspectives and participate in a dialogue about the issue. In this Discussion, you and your colleagues will read and discuss one anothers perspectives as you debate your positions on the issue in the case study you selected. Note that the Discussions are specific to each case study, so be sure you post in the area designated for your case study.
Be prepared to defend your position in your initial post and to answer your colleagues questions and their challenges to your position.
Post by Day 3 (of Module 2) your position on the issue described in the case study. Provide at least three points to support your position.
Respond by Day 5 (of Module 2) to at least two of your colleagues posts that hold a different position from your own. Have a dialogue with your colleagues by challenging their position and providing support for your own. Be sure to engage in professional, courteous argumentation, and keep in mind that you and your colleagues are working together to solve a problem related to an issue.

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