What factors do you think contribute to those differences?

Over the past decade, some countries have shown high crime rates while other countries have lower crime rates. For example, the lowest homicide rates in 2000 existed in Saudi Arabia and Japan, while France and Germany had the highest homicide rates. Their rates, however, were still lower than the homicide rate in the United States in the same year (Hagan, 2003).

Create a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 6-8 slides comparing the crime rates of the United States, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, France, and Germany over the past 5 years:

  • What differences exist? (20%)
  • What factors do you think contribute to those differences? (30%)
  • Provide some examples of how each country has responded to its crime problems. (20%)
  • Can you find any changes in data that may be a result of their efforts? (25%)
  • Please provide APA citations and references where necessary. (5%)

For more information on creating PowerPoint presentations, please visit the PowerPoint Lab.


Hagan, F. E. (2003). Introduction to criminology (4th ed.). Chicago: Nelson-Hall

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