What are the 3 biggest challenges in records management? Justify your choices.

Discussion -1 100 words with a reference. Records administrators are at the cutting edge of overseeing peril for their associations — and their activity has been ready to deal with them (Smallwood, 2014). With complex maintenance plans and the approaching possibility of a review, record the executives incorporates a lot higher exertion than guaranteeing that papers are securely submitted. The three primary troubles in overseeing records are:

Making Records Easily Accessible: Knowing where a record is arranged and discovering it in an opportune manner is less difficult to state than done — particularly when you’re searching for business-wide information. Associations can streamline the inquiry of records by: digitizing reports to be seen on PCs, tablets or cell phones, and utilizing spared scans for a specific kind of record to execute routine quests quickly.

Consistence with timetables of maintenance: Organizations have a wide assortment of record maintenance calendars relying upon the area where they are and the sort of archives included. Administrative organizations, for example, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority and, among others, the U.S. Division of Labor may force inflexible punishments for neglecting to keep the laws.

Security concerns: It is of primary significance to protect and preserve corporate documents, but consumers must have adequate access to formal documents in order to conduct daily company (Smallwood, 2014).

As per my opinion these are the major challenges while managing the records because it is the primary focus to be able to access the records and manage it according to the requirement and use, then only the record could be of any significance and security concern will always be the priority for any record manager always.


Smallwood, R. (2014). Information Governance: Concepts Strategies and Best Practices (pp. 149-151). New Jersey: Wiley.

Discussion -2 100 words with a reference.

What are the 3 biggest challenges in records management? Justify your choices.

Record and information management is one of the most critical business processes which ensures that important and relevant data and information is available for use. However, this process has some challenges and risks which may negatively impact an organization.

One of the challenges of records management is ensuring that records can be accessed easily. For documents to benefit the organization, essential data and information must be captured and stored in a process that we get back very quickly. This becomes a challenge especially when records are stored in different forms; i.e., digital and physical data making it challenging to establish an effective system of searching and locating various types of documents (Cecil, 2019).

The second challenge in record management is the volume of data and information which should be stored for future and present use. Different records in the organization are considered vital as they are associated with various operations which affect general performance. As such, the organization must establish a method to store information which is being generated every day for record and information management to be more productive. This becomes a challenge since the records manager may not be able to select which information is essential and which is not forcing the organization to seek better storage and record management solutions (Smallwood, 2014).

The third challenge in records management is complying with local and international standards. This increase the complexity of compliance requirements since managers have to ensure that the record management systems and practices are in line with not just the local rules but also the international standards. Some of these standards include having a system of record retention, grouping, and sharing.


Mary Cecil, (2019). Records and Information Management.  Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=th54n8LMEkI#action=share

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