What are circadian rhythms and how do they affect your functioning?


Chapter 4 Text Assignment

Please type your name at the top of the document. Please type your answers in Red and save your completed document on your computer. Then, submit the completed assignment as per the instructions outlined on Blackboard.

1. How is consciousness a continuum?

2. What are circadian rhythms and how do they affect your functioning?

3. Describe each of the four levels of awareness.

4. What are the symptoms of sleep deprivation?

5. Describe the stages of sleep and the way in which we progress through the stages of sleep each night during a normal sleep cycle.

6. What is the difference between REM and NonREM sleep?

7. What type of dreaming corresponds to REM vs. NonREM sleep?

8. Compare the evolutionary circadian theory and repair/restoration theory of sleep.

9. Compare the psychoanalytic, activation synthesis hypothesis, and cognitive view of dreaming.

10. What are the different types of dyssomnias and what are the symptoms?

11. What are the different types of parasomnias and at what stage of the sleep cycle is each most likely to occur?

12. How do our sleep patterns change as we age?

13. Define the following terms as they relate to substance use:

· Psychoactive drugs

· Addiction

· Psychological dependence

· Physical dependence

· Withdrawal

· Tolerance and Cross Tolerance

14. What is the difference between an agonist and antagonist drug?

15. What are the four categories of psychoactive drugs, and what are the effects of each?

16. Provide popular examples of specific drugs for each category.

17. What is the most commonly used psychoactive drug?

18. Which psychoactive drug is responsible for the most deaths?

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