Week 3 Discussion: Introduction with Peer Review

Week 3 Discussion: Introductions with Peer Review



First, complete the following reading:

The Norton Field Guide

For this discussion, review the resources above, then compose two Introductions for your Researched Argumentative Essay. The introductions should demonstrate different approaches, using different words and phrasing. Only the thesis statement will remain similar. Then, in a third paragraph, share your thoughts about which introduction you are most likely to use and why.

A few reminders:

  • Paragraph 1 will  be your first possible introduction.
  • Paragraph 2 will be your second possible introduction.
  • Paragraph 3 will be your commentary on both introductions.
  • Write only in 3rd person point of view (No direct address – “You would be shocked at the waste of edible foods!”).
  • Do not announce the topic (Example: This paper will discuss the importance of donkey farming to nomad societies in Northern Africa; In this essay, or, In this essay, I will…).



  • If you use a source in your introduction, such as for a statistic, you should cite it and reference the material.
  • You must create your own thread first before you will be able to see others’ threads.
  • You are encouraged to submit your initial post (minimum 2 paragraphs, 250+ words) by Wednesday at 11:59 PM Eastern.


NOTE: I have included below my proposal paper for my argumentative essay that I need this discussion post / introduction for. Please use it as a reference for the introduction discussion assignment given above. 


The Use of Suboxone for Drug Addiction

Suboxone is a prescription medication that is used in treatment for individuals addicted to opioids. Even though Suboxone is highly recommended in treatment and recovery, its components can lead to negative health outcomes. Suboxone should be regulated in ensuring it attains its intended use. While some people may be doubtful about the use of Suboxone to treat drug addiction, they should be open to trying it to minimize opioid addiction.

There have been questions about the ingredients that make up Suboxone and their negative impact on human health. Since the active ingredient in the drug is opioids, a considerable percentage of healthcare professionals have prohibited its use in treating opioid addiction because it could lead to addiction (Haffajee & Frank, 2019). However, the main intention as to why the drug was made was to treat opioid addiction. The opioid used to make the drug is negligible, and it has been proven to work in the treatment of addiction (Haffajee & Frank, 2019).

The audience is the general public concerned about their loved ones who got into addiction. Many people will go any length to protect those that they love. There have been misconceptions about the use of the drug and that it leads to addiction. Therefore, the goal is to convince the public of the effectiveness and efficiency of Suboxone as an effective drug in addressing addiction (Haffajee& Frank, 2019).

The first strategy to convince the audience is to apply facts. Facts will include the ingredients of the drug, its impact on human health, and considerations that need to be made when taking it. Additionally, the audience will be in thinking about their loved ones whose lives have been wasted due to opioid addiction (Haffajee& Frank, 2019).

Drug addiction is a disease, and everyone should be given a chance regardless of their past. The approach is to show the lengths that people need to go to protect those that we love. By engaging the people’s feelings, it will be easier to convince them of the effectiveness of the drug in addiction treatment.


WC: 369



Hasanović, M., Pajević, I., Kuldija, A., Delić, A., & Sutović, A. (2013). 2018–Problems in inducing interferon therapy of opiate addicts with hepatitis c who are in substitution maintenance therapy with buprenorphine/naloxone (Suboxone). European Psychiatry28(S1), 1-1.

Haffajee, R. L., & Frank, R. G. (2019). Generic drug policy and Suboxone to treat opioid use disorder. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics47(4_suppl), 43-53.

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